Thank You!


On behalf of the Holt Wrestling Club, we would like to thank everyone that has ever been a part of this terrific organization. We would prefer to do this individually, but we have had so many great people involved over the past 56 years that it would be an impossible task.

To the athletes, the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments you make, large or small, do not go unnoticed. It is with great pleasure that every board member gets to watch you learn, grow, and turn into fine adults. We truly hope that your experience with the club is everything that you were looking for. Remember, once a Holt Wrestler, always a Holt Wrestler.

To the parents and families, you are the foundation that the club is built on. There is no way any of this could be done without you. The transportation to and from practices, drives to tournaments, and long days spent on bleachers cheering for our teams truly shows your dedication and the love you have for your children. We do not tell you often enough how much you are appreciated. We strive to continue to offer a high quality experience for you and your children. If you ever have any questions or concerns please let us know.

To all previous and current board members, coaches, supporters and fans. The tradition that you have built and accomplishments that we have made are a testament to your time spent volunteering to help the program.

To our sponsors, it is with your help that we can focus on the wrestlers. Rather than constant fundraising, our time can be spent drilling technique, strength training, endurance training, and having continued success. We thank you for all of your support that allows us to do this.