About Us

Established in 1963, Holt Wrestling has taken advantage of the best coaches, determined athletes, dedicated parents, a proud community, and an exemplary school district in order to reach our goals. Later, in 1973 we established the Holt Wrestling Club. This club was designed to provide the same opportunities for younger athletes while also working as feeder program for the high school. The Holt Wrestling Booster was established in 1994, followed by the Alumni & Fan Association in 2003.

Over the years we have demonstrated a history of achievement in the sport of wrestling. These achievements have been accomplished by student athletes who understand the following rule of the wrestling mat.

“In this circle only one rule applies. If you don’t plan on going all out then don’t bother showing up.”

Holt wrestling is not designed for the faint of heart. In fact, when it comes to a list of performance features like attitude, conditioning, and tradition, we are explosive. And, when you consider that Holt Wrestling is available for all ages of students at every level of competition, one thing becomes remarkably clear, “If you take your sport seriously, want an honest chance to reach your ability, and want to be a part of the most successful tradition in Holt sports, You should try Holt Wrestling.”

The Holt Ram wrestling philosophy is one that offers hard working, goal oriented athlete’s the opportunity to maximize their potential and to fulfill their goals. This philosophy is built upon hard work, persistence and dedication. Conditioning and aggressiveness are Holt Ram trademarks. Holt wrestlers are expected to outwork and to be mentally tougher than their opponents. As a team, we concentrate on mastering the basic techniques from all three positions. The diversity of our staff covers the many individual differences among our team, while we all share the goal of bringing each wrestler to their full potential.

We strongly believe that we will reach our goal of being a championship team, but at the same time, we refuse to take shortcuts and will accomplish our goals with Holt Wrestlers who are, good people, students in search of a diploma and academic achievement, and athletes who make the commitment to be the best they can be. The Holt wrestling way is to be at the top in all of these areas each and every year. We challenge you to take advantage of this opportunity to pursue excellence.

If you would like information for you or your child to become a Holt Wrestler, please email us at holtwrestlingclub1@gmail.com.

As you review our website you will notice that we only have High School records entered on our “Records” page. This is not because we do not appreciate all of our younger athletes, or that they are not just as accomplished. We simply wouldn’t have enough room for all of the awards they have received over the years. We encourage all of our wrestlers to reach their highest potential in high school and beyond.